Maverick Brown, 58 of Rome, was found guilty Thursday for trafficking marijuana and drug conspiracy.

Brown was involved in a Northwest Georgia drug enterprise run by Tyson Brown, who was also involved with a dirty Rome City Police officer.

Reports said that Brown was found with 12 pounds of marijuana and $37,000.

Brown’s attorney argued that he was not involved in his son’s “drug circle”

Tyson Brown recently pleaded guilty to bribery and trafficking in marijuana.  He was then sentenced under the state‚Äôs recidivist statute to 30 years, to serve 20 in prison.

Former Rome officer Earnie Edward Cox also pleaded guilty in April to bribery, trafficking in marijuana and violating his oath of office charges.  He was sentenced to 25 years, to serve 14 in prison.

Police aid that Cox provided Tyson Brown with law-enforcement sensitive information.

Sentencing is set for June 5.

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Maverick Brown, 57 of Rome, was arrested this week for trafficking marijuana.

Reports stated that a search warrant was conducted by the Georgia Bureau of Investigations at his home on King Bea Circle.  A search of the home resulted in authorities locating several pounds of the drug.

Brown is charged with trafficking marijuana.

A second suspect, Tyson Lamar Brown, 35 of Rome, was also arrested by the GBI.

He is charged with distribution of marijuana and probation violation.