The best day of a couple’s life almost came to a heartbreaking end when James Edward Elam, 27 of Ridgeville, South Carolina, allegedly attempted to interrupt a wedding at a venue on Fouche Gap Road over the weekend.

Reports said that Elam pulled into the venue and started to scream and yell at a bridesmaid before starting to repeatedly hit her in the head.   Witnesses said that when members of the wedding party tried to get Elam to leave he threatened to kill one of them.

Reports went on to say that the woman got into Elam’s vehicle and the couple left the scene.  Police issued a BOLO for his vehicle and he was eventually pulled over and arrested on Hwy 411 at Chulio Road.

Elam is charged with battery and terroristic threats and acts.

The staff at Proctor Farms acted quickly and professionally to ensure the bridal party and event-goers were safe and continued to have an enjoyable day. The wedding went on, and everyone enjoyed their time.