Two restaurants in Rome will undergo major changes over the next few months.

The Chick-Fil-A Dwarf House will be demolished so that a newer rendition of the chicken restaurant can be built.

Popeye’s, which has been closed since a fire was allegedly set by a manager, will is expected become a Burger King.

Officials with the city said that preliminary filings on both locations have been submitted. They did add that no permits have been issued as of yet, but that is expected to change within the next week.

GPS Hospitality officials said that the Burger King proposal is currently only a “proposed project” and that an official decision is still a few weeks away. GPS Hospitality is an Atlanta based company that owns Burger Kings and Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen franchises in 11 states.

Officials have not stated what would happen to the existing Burger King that is almost directly across the street from the proposed location.

While the Chick-Fil-A Dwarf House is being demolished a mobile site would be set up on location so that consumers could still get their chicken sandwich fix.

The portable restaurant, which is currently being used in Newnan, is said to serve close to two-thirds of its normal menu via a drive-thru window.

Dwarf House General Manager Ben Farrer said that the project would start as soon as the Newnan location is finished with the rebuild.

Construction is expected to take close to three months.

There is no word if the location will say a Dwarf House or change to other Chick-Fil-A concepts such as Truett’s Grill and Truett’s Pizza.