Four inmates of the Floyd County Jail were involved in an altercation which sent one male inmate to the hospital on Monday evening.  Inmate Michael Little incurred minor injuries as a result of the incident.

Little was punched and stomped by the accused in a cell in M-Block of the jail.  He sustained lacerations to the lip and cheek and bruising to the face and upper torso.  Little was seen at Floyd Medical Center for his injuries and returned late Monday to the jail.

Three inmates, Dorcus Adams, 19, ; Harold Hunley. 19, and Sirandon Marshall, 22, have been charged with battery and rioting in a penal institution.

Adams has been in jail since April 15th after being charged with giving false information to police and a failure to appear warrant.

Hunley has been incarcerated since October 8, 2016 after being charged with robbery and obstruction of police officers.  He was also charged with aggravated battery and rioting in a penal institution back on December 11, 2016.

Marshall was originally jailed on April 15th for driving on a suspend license, a stop sign violation and giving false information to police.

The victim, Little, was arrested on February 28 on numerus felony charges.

Previous story on Little:

A homeless 29 year-old Rome man, Michael DeForrest Little, was arrested for forcing his way into a Wilma Road home and held a woman and a child against their will while burglarizing them on September 13th.

Reports stated that Little held the woman and 6 year-old inside a room against their will for close to 15 minutes while taking several items.

Little is charged with two counts of false imprisonment and first degree burglary.