According to officials with the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office a tip from Floyd County Police Major Jeff Jones resulted in a drug bust at the Floyd County Jail over the weekend.

According to Corp. Carrie Edge, Jones was listening to recorded conversations of inmates which lead him to believe that there could possibly be methamphetamine in the C block of the jail.

Edge said that after receiving the information a team of officers was assembled and a shakedown was performed.

After all of the inmates of the block were emptied, officers searched them and their living areas.  In the process five bags of meth was found and taken into evidence.

“Thanks to the prompt and thorough action of jail staff, we were able to stop these men from trafficking drugs in our jail,” stated Corporal Carrie Edge, Public Information Officer, “At this point in our investigation, we believe a substantial amount of money has been exchanged through the JailATM system for the purchase of these drugs over the past several days.  Drugs in the jail are a huge security threat.  Today we win; however, we must continue to be vigilant to prevent this type of behavior.”


The five men have been charged with a number of felonies.  Jason Ray Collins, of Silver Creek; is accused of concealing meth in the dayroom of C-Block and distributing it to other inmates. He has been charged with possession, possession with intent to distribute, trafficking and possession of contraband within the guard line.


Perry Otis Stillwell, 57, of Silver Creek; Jeffrey Allen Hughes, 50, of Dalton; and Bradford Wayne Hall, of Rome; were charged with felony possession of meth and possession of contraband within the guard line for having meth in their rooms.


Robert Wayne King, 58, of Centre, Alabama and a Chattooga County boarder, was also charged with possession of meth.  King earned an additionally charged of felony tampering with evidence for attempting to swallow the drugs during a pat down that took place as a part of the shakedown.