Terrence Jerome Johnson Jr, 24 of Shannon, was arrested on numerous charges after he refused to leave the Calhoun Quick Stop on Calhoun Avenue.

Reports stated that after refusing to leave the store despite numerous requests Johnson pulled a knife on the clerk and “forced the victim to retreat in the store.”

The officer stated that when he arrived Johnson refused to follow his commands and then fled the scene and into the road.  Reports went on to say that Johnson caused several cars to stop before fleeing to St. Paul’s Church.  It was there police said Johnson grabbed a brick and “took an aggressive stance”.

Police continued to report that Johnson threw the brick but missed the officer.  He then picked up a chair and began to swig it at the officers.  Following a struggle, police proceeded to taze Johnson.

A search of Johnson uncovered two narcotics not in their original container.

Johnson is charged with impeding flow of traffic, criminal trespass, drugs not in original container, obstruction of law enforcement, two counts of aggravated assault and sale of marijuana.