Yonathan Idaly Gamadeli Gomez, 27 of Rome, was arrested on Sunday after a countywide police search.  Reports stated that  Gomez was driving erratically on Turner McCall, failing to stop at  numerous red lights.  Officers stated that after being spotted on East First he ignored officers’ commands to pull over for a period of time before finally stopping on Glenn Milner Boulevard.

Reports went on to say that when the officer got out of the patrol car Gomez began to drive away, only to stop down the street.

The officer reported that when Gomez got out of the vehicle he appeared under the influence of some type of substance as he fell to the ground.

The officer then took Gomez to a local hospital to be checked when he passed out in the patrol car.

While at the hospital reports stated that he be became combative with officers and medics, and as a result had to be restrained.

After being medically cleared Gomez was placed in the patrol car to be transported to jail. While in transport, reports stated that Gomez urinated in the back seat.

Gomez is charged with driving under the influence, driving without a license, failure to yield, two counts of fleeing a police officer, too fast for conditions, two counts of failure to obey traffic devices and three counts of failure to maintain a lane.