Jermaine Marquis McDonald, 24 of Rockmart, was arrested in Rome after he went to a home on Tumblin Drive and threatened to burn the victim’s house down. He is also charged with beating up a female in the presence of small children.

Reports added that on March 21st of this year he told the victim that he was going to “get a gun and shoot eh place up”.

Authorities added that on May 9th of this year, McDonald went back to the same home and another altercation occurred.  This time reports stated that McDonald attempted to stand on a couch while fighting with a woman.  McDonald allegedly pushed, chocked and punched the woman on the back of her head and face. A 5 month-old and 3 year-old child witnessed the altercation.

McDonald is charged with terroristic threats and acts, two counts of cruelty to children, disorderly conduct and battery.