Elisa Bridges does not teach a class but she has a major impact on “Destination Graduation” for students at Model Elementary School.  Her dedication to children and a clean school have put Bridges in the running for national Janitor of the Year as she was announced as a top ten finalist in the national competition on Tuesday.  Bridges was the only school custodian selected from Georgia.  A national online vote will select the winner.

Bridges was selected from 629 nominated custodians nation-wide as one of the top ten janitors by Cintas Corporation to compete in the company’s Janitor of the Year contest.  Voting is open now on the contest website and will run through April 15.  You can help the children at Model make their friend the top janitor by casting your vote for Elisa Bridges.  The winner of the Janitor of the Year contest will win the $10,000 grand prize.  $5,000 of the grand prize will go to the winning custodian’s school.

Bridges works hard daily behind the scenes to make Model a great place to learn and grow.  Children at Model know her warm smile and encouraging hugs make her the best but they want others in the community to help them introduce Elisa Bridges to the rest of the country.
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During her 11 years at Model, Bridges has been known for her sweet positive attitude and for always being willing to give a hand to a teacher or student with any problem at the school.  The nominator wrote, “When things go crazy, students and staff can count on Elisa to come to the rescue with a smile.”