Three Romans were sentenced this week in Floyd County after pleading guilty on separate robbery charges. Michael Edward Jones and Angelis Nicole Smith pleaded guilty for robbing the McGowan Jones Pharmacy in Shannon. Crystal Renee Boswell pleaded guilty to robbing a man a man at the Studio 6 motel on Chateau Drive. Both robberies occurred in June of this year.
Boswell was sentenced to 20 years, with six to serve in prison after pleading guilty to robbery, obstruction and aggravated assault.
In Jones and Smith’s case, Jones entered into the pharmacy with a gun and demanded Oxycodone pills. He was given a number of them before leaving in a car with Smith.
Both pleaded guilty to robbery, aggravated assault and possession of a controlled substance. Both Jones and Smith were sentenced to 15 years, to serve one in prison.
Their prison time will be suspended upon entry into a drug treatment program. Both will also have to pay $845 restitution as well as a $1,000 fine.