The man accused of a 2014 murder at the Chevy Club on Cave Spring Road has pleaded guilty. Randy Clowers pleaded guilty in front of Floyd County Superior Court Judge Jack Niedrach on Monday morning. As a result Clowers was sentenced to life plys five years in prison. Clowers not only pleaded guilty to the murder of Justin Foster, but also two 2014 incidents where he was involved in the assault of another jail inmate and officers.

Prosecutors said that Clowers admitted to pulling out his gun and opening fire for punching a friend.

Reports said that Foster was not involved in the activity, but was fatally shot as Clowers aimed for another man.
Several others, including Desmond Whatley and Desmond Justice, were injured in the shooting.

Foster`s family sought for a life sentence for Clowers, saying that they had concern that Foster`s toddler son would one want to want seek revenge.

Judge Niedrach said that it would be close to 30 years before Clowers would be considered for parole.

An autopsy concluded that Foster was shot in the back. At least two other victims were injured during the shooting.