According to court documents filed in Chattooga County, former Floyd County Schools Maintenance Director Derry Richardson, during an interview with investigators, outlined how he took close to $600,000 from his employer. According to the affidavit to support cause for a search warrant Richardson stated that the thefts occurred in part when he purchased appliances from City Electric for his personal home. The purchases totaled between $25,000 and $30,000. During the interview with investigators Richardson admitted to obtaining properties from outside supply companies that he would use for his personal usage but was invoiced to the Floyd County Board of Education (BOE). He added that in order to cover up his actions, City Electric Manger Mitch Anderson would invoice the BOE and change the description of what was actually being purchased. Reports continued that Richardson said that he also obtained other building materials from City Electric for the construction of his home located at 241 Riverbluff Drive in Summerville.

Richardson added that funds from the Floyd County BOE were used to build a pool house behind his home. He added that he believes he has unlawfully taken close to $600,000 and that the thefts began in 2007.

He went on to say that his former employer, Johnson Controls, who is currently involved with Floyd County Schools with installing equipment such as lights and alarm systems, was also involved. The report said that Steve Bevill, a sub-contractor for the company, was influenced in return for kickbacks. Richardson stated that Bevill fraudulently inflated labor amounts and would write checks to Richardson`s brother-in-law, Dwayne Richardson. In return, Dwayne would funnel money back to Derry.

The report went on to say that Richardson admitted to unlawfully taking items such as a GoPro camera, Toshiba laptop, and a Stealth 6 Sound bar from the Floyd County BOE. During the interview Richardson agreed to return those items to the BOE.

Richardson then allowed the investigators to view the appliances that were fraudulently obtained that are now housed in the kitchen of his home.

During the investigation, the BOE also discovered that items were stored in the maintenance warehouse that was not used by the school system. Items found included; skeet clays, two skeet throwers, residential refrigerators, residential stoves, bicycles, and a meat smoker. The report said that it was believed that the items were purchased with BOE funds and had plans to be used for personal use.

The report continued that the BOE has provided numerous questionable purchases made by Richardson that was paid for by BOE funds. The invoices were from City Electric, Home Depot, Lowes and Radio Shack. Other questionable invoices that were found revealed contractors were being paid by BOE funds and it is believed that the scheme may have involved others. Some of the invoices were over $30,000 each.

During the interview, Richardson also admitted that he had invested in stocks and purchased his home with Floyd County BOE funds.

On Tuesday, Anderson, Bevill and D. Richardson were a few of the names added to the list of defendants in the case.

No charges have yet to be filed.

Richardson was employed as the maintenance director between February 28,2005 until he resigned on April 9,2015.