Floyd County police confirmed this week that arrest will indeed be made in the Floyd County School theft case. Floyd County Police Department Maj. Mark Wallace said in a prepared statement that as a result of the investigation, `numerous persons have been identified within the criminal enterprise`.

Wallace continued that `we fully expect multiple persons to face criminal charges.`

The state of Georgia began seizing property of former Floyd County Maintenance Director Derry Richardson back on April 14th trough the RICO acts. The motion said that Richardson committed at least two or more acts of racketeering actions though thefts against the school system.

Richardson`s attorney`s said that the complaint should be dismissed since Richardson lives in Chattooga County and Floyd County judges does not have the authority to rule in the RICO case.

In a previous report released, Richardson told authorities he started stealing from the county school system in 2007.

It`s reported that Richardson took close to $600,000 from the Floyd County Board of Education.

Seventeen others have been listed in the case including; are Lisa Richardson; Jimmy B. Richardson; Sherrye Richardson; Dwayne L. Richardson; Joey Richardson; Kristopher S. Hayes; Steven Bevill, doing business as Bevill Contracting and SMD Contractors; Russell Burkhalter, doing business as T&R Electric; Samuel Max Tucker; Robert Mitchell Anderson; DSR Properties, LLC; Henderson Real Estate Inc.; Summerville Building & Supply Co. Inc.; Open Road Hot Shots, LLC; Richardson Enterprises of Georgia, LLC; Kadima Inc.; and SMT Family, LLC.