Authorities have released the name of the man who was killed outside a Baker Road home in Coosa last week. Coroners said that David Lorenz, 62 or Rome, was found in the front yard of the home with multiple stab wounds.

Authorities said that a suspect is being held in custody but no charges have been filed yet.


Primary Narrative By BENJAMIN NEWPORT, 06/18/24 16:10

On the above date and time I, PFC B. NEWPORT, was dispatched to a death investigation at 618 Barker Rd.

Upon arrival, I observed a male (DAVID LORENZ) lying face down on the ground in the driveway of his residence. Mr. LORENZ’s body was lying in front of his vehicle. I approached the body, and observed Mr. LORENZ’s shirt was soaked in blood. A majority of the back of his shirt was drenched in blood, and also had what appeared to be mud on the back of his shirt. This was suspicious to me, and indicated that Mr. LORENZ was lying on his back, and  was possibly moved at some point before the call to 911. I also noticed Mr. LORENZ’s keys and glasses were lying a couple of feet from his body. I noticed the lens in the glasses were also broken indicating a possible altercation before his death. I asked fire personnel on scene if they had moved the body, and they stated they had not. I also asked the neighbor who lived on the property with Mr. LORENZ if he had touched or moved the body, and he stated he did not.

The neighbor (EDITED) informed me that he came out and located Mr. LORENZ lying face down in front of his vehicle, and did not touch him. At this point I advised 911 to contact the on call investigator, SGT A. LOPEZ, and have her come to my location. I informed other first responders that this was being treated as a crime scene, and that an investigator was on their way to take over the investigation.

I spoke with Mr. MCCLENDON who stated that he last seen Mr. LORENZ alive around 8pm the following night. Mr. MCCLENDON stated that he watched wrestling inside his camper until approximately 11pm before falling asleep. Mr.

MCCLENDON stated that Mr. LORENZ has a history of using methamphetamine, and has people over to his

residence often. Mr. MCCLENDON stated that Mr. LORENZ did have some people at his house when he last seen him, but did not know their names. Mr. MCCLENDON stated that he did know that one of the males was on parole, because he over heard the male state this at some point. Mr. MCCLENDON stated that he did not hear any altercation from inside his camper, and also stated that he has difficulty hearing.

SGT LOPEZ arrived on scene, and was briefed on the suspiciousness surrounding the death of Mr. LORENZ. At this point, the investigation was turned over to SGT LOPEZ.


Floyd County Police has launched an investigation into a murder on Barker Road that occurred sometime between Monday night and Tuesday morning.

According to police, a white male was found with multiple stab wounds outside the home on Barker Road.  Authorities were dispatched after a neighbor saw the man laying in the front yard.

Police has asked for anyone that lives on Barker Road that may have a camera outside their home to contact them at 706.314.0916.

Authorities believe that the suspect may have fled the scene on foot.

The victim is listed at between 50s and 60s years of age.

The name is being withheld because authorities are having trouble identifying a next of kin.

Check back as more information becomes available.