Journey Community Food Pantry will be distributing food to those in need on Wednesday, 6/19/24, 10-12 and 1-5. Along with our regular groceries we have a variety of nonfood items that will be available to our clients as well. Quantities are limited and will be distributed upon request until they are gone. Some of the specialty items available this week include the following: 

1). A variety of quality vitamins.

2). Health and beauty products.

3). Liquid hand soaps

4). Feminine Products 

5). Over the counter medications.

7). Pediasure 

8). Energy drinks

9.) Toddler/Small child athletic shirts 

10. Lunch trays

11 Aluminum bakeware

12. Paper products (toilet paper, etc.)

Please remember that JCFP serves clients in Floyd County, Chattooga County and Cherokee County Alabama. You MUST have a current photo ID (License or State ID) and a piece of mail (with the same address) verifying your residency. The mail should be a recent utility bill, piece of government mail (IRS, GDOR, SSI, DFAC’s, lease agreement, etc.). It cannot be junk mail. We appreciate all of you who come prepared and have your ID ready. It allows the volunteers at JCFP to get you served quickly.  

Please repost to your facebook and/or forward this information to your friends, family and anyone else in need of groceries and/or other items. We look forward to serving you at Journey Community Food Pantry.

Address:  15 Redmond Court NW in Rome. Line up in front of yellow gates. Gate opens at 10 a.m.Please do not enter through the Church doors unless you have business with the Church. The church is our tenant and is not affiliated with the pantry. We are making every effort to avoid disruption of their day.