Just before 6 am on Monday morning Calhoun Police Department units were dispatched to Racetrack Station in reference to a suspicious person driving a possible stolen vehicle. When units arrived they tried to stop the vehicle, which fled from the units. Offender traveled East
on Highway 53 to Calhoun bypass then made a right turn headed back west toward I-75.

The suspect, now identified as 15 year-old Jonathan McEvers from LaFayette, then fled at fleeds of 90+ mph.

Officer Newman and Officer Azar were waiting on Georgia State Patrol or County officers to assist with the fleeing vehicle when McEvers’ vehicle swerved into Officer Azar’s patrol unit causing the offender to lose control of the vehicle and come to an uncontrolled stop on the North bound lanes of I-75.

McEvers was ejected and died on the scene.

The vehicle also struck another oncoming vehicle and caused one serious injury. That victim was Life Flighted out with serious injuries.

Another two (2) vehicle accidents occurred during the incident and resulted in a casualty in that accident. That victim has now been identified as 33-year-old Michael Stout from Ohio.

Georgia State Patrol is investigating these accidents. According to Chief Tony Pyle, “No further information is being released by the Calhoun Police at this time, pending the completion of the accident investigation.”