The Rome City Water Department recently looked into concerns raised by tenants at Ashland Park Homes regarding water quality due to E. Coli sicknesses.

Upon receiving reports of illness and concerns regarding E. coli bacteria in the water supply, John Boyd, City of Rome Water and Sewer Division Director, initiated inquiries into the matter. Collaborating with concerned parties, including residents and staff at Ashland Park Homes, the Water Department deployed staff to conduct on-site assessments and address the reported concerns directly.

Discussions revealed that while some tenants had expressed concerns, the majority were not initially alarmed. It was noted that one individual, who had recently been hospitalized with E. coli-related issues, was primarily responsible for raising the concerns.

During the on-site assessment, Curt Vann monitored chlorine levels in the water supply. A reading of 1.39 mg/L, well within acceptable limits, was recorded at the Ashland Park Homes office. Additionally, copies of this year’s Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) were distributed to provide transparent information about water quality to residents.

Further assessments were conducted at the sampling point at the Hwy 53 Tank, representing the broader water supply for the area. A chlorine reading of 0.92 mg/L was registered, demonstrating consistent adherence to quality standards. Additionally, a Bacteria Sample was collected and analyzed, with results confirming the absence of Coliform Bacteria. This test serves as a crucial indicator that disease-causing organisms are not present in the water supply.

E. coli, while a naturally occurring bacteria in the intestines, can pose health risks if present in untreated water or contaminated food. The Rome City Water Department assures residents that stringent water treatment protocols and continuous monitoring are in place to mitigate such risks and ensure the delivery of clean and safe drinking water.

For further inquiries or concerns regarding water quality, residents are encouraged to contact the Rome City Water Department directly at 706-236-4440