Harbin Clinic Pediatrician Dr. Chelsea Tehan was sworn in to the Georgia Commission for the Deaf or Hard of Hearing on January 23, 2024. In her new role, Dr. Tehan will support and advocate for the deaf and hard of hearing community in Georgia.

The Georgia Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing is made of up volunteers who advocate for equal access to services, programs and opportunities for both adults and children in the community. Each appointed commissioner is qualified and involved with the deaf and hard of hearing community in a unique way. Whether spreading awareness or advising the governor on needed policies and programs, the commission works to break down barriers and create an inclusive community for those who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Dr. Chelsea Tehan works at Harbin Clinic Pediatrics in Adairsville, caring for the children and youth of Bartow County. However, it is not just her role as a physician that prompted her to volunteer with the commission. She serves the commission as a parent of a deaf and hard of hearing child. Dr. Tehan’s daughter was born deaf, and their family has experienced the opportunities and pitfalls for those in the deaf and hard of hearing community. As a mother and pediatrician, Dr. Tehan has developed a fierce passion for helping those in the deaf and hard of hearing community receive the resources they need for success.

More specifically, Dr. Tehan aims to grow the resources available for patients who live in more rural areas. She explains, “By offering local options, parents of deaf or hard of hearing children will have higher chances of early intervention, keeping their children on track and meeting milestones.”

Dr. Tehan’s goals include strategies for improving equipment and testing available in rural Georgia areas as well as increasing awareness and education on topics such as hearing loss identification for parents, medical professionals and early childhood educators.

Dr. Tehan is one of the many dedicated pediatricians within Harbin Clinic Pediatrics committed to caring for the young patients of Northwest Georgia. Whether through annual checkups, sick visits or conducting hearing tests, Harbin Clinic pediatricians provide patients with the care and support they need in any situation. Dr. Tehan and Harbin Clinic are dedicated to growing and building inclusive, accessible care for everyone within the deaf and hard of hearing community. 

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