Qualifying for local candidates for the May 21 Primary Election and the November 5 General Election continues this week until Friday.

If you are interested in running for office in Floyd County you can qualify if ou are a Democrat at the Salter Law Firm, 501 E. First St and if you are a Republican at the Law Offices of David Guldenschuh, 512 E. First St.

So far announced:

Floyd County Commission – Post 2

Mike Burnes – R

Floyd County Commission – Post 3

Allison Watters – R (I)

Floyd County Board of Education – District 2

Melinda Strickland – (I)

Floyd County Board of Education – District 3

Jay Shell – R (I)

Floyd County Board of Education – District 5

Danny Waits – R (I)

Floyd County Sheriff

Dave Roberson – R (I)

Robbie Whitfield – R

Floyd County Superior Court Clerk

Mary Hardin Thornton – R

Barbara Penson – R

Floyd County Tax Commissioner

Kevin Payne – R (I)

Floyd County District Attorney

Leigh Patterson – R (I)

Floyd County Coroner

Gene Proctor – R (I)

Georgia House of Representatives, District 12

Eddie Lumsden – R (I)

Logan Johnson – D

Georgia House of Representatives, District 13

Katie Dempsey – R (I)

Kevin Aronhalt – D

Georgia State Senate, District 52

Chuck Hufstetler – R (I)

Georgia State Senate, District 53

Colton Moore – R (I)

Bart Alexander Bryant – D

U.S. Congress, 14th District

Marjorie Taylor Greene – R (I)

Shawn Harris – D

Joseph Lee- D

Clarence Blaylock – D

Deric Houston – D

Floyd County Superior Court Judge

John “Jack” Niedrach (I)

Bryan Johnson (I)

Floyd County Magistrate Court Judge

Gene Richardson (I)

Floyd County Probate Court Judge

Steven Burkhalter (I)