Model Middle School’s (MMS) Brandi Corley has been named the Georgia Music Educators Association (GMEA) Music Educator of the Year for District 7. 

Ms. Corley was recognized and honored this morning for her accolade and accomplishments at a banquet in Athens, Georgia, along with the other 13 district winners. She is now in the running for the GMEA State Educator of the Year. 

“I am so proud of Ms. Brandi Corley,” said MMS principal Jill Thacker. “She is truly so deserving of this honor and recognition. She goes above and beyond for her students and community and gives everything she has into each and every task. She loves her job and getting the chance to influence her students through music, so I am more than happy to see her get this well-deserved recognition.”

When selecting their district winners and overall state winner, GMEA looks for music educators who have had success in contributing to the community through music and Ms. Corley does just that; she truly embraces the different talents that each student brings and helps them unleash their potential while building up the musical programs in the community.