Rome City Commissioners voted on Monday to approve a request that will allow for a hemp farm to be created behind the Rome Athletic Club.

The 6-2 approval vote to rezone the property at Center Street paves the way for property owner Charles Craton to begin his farm at the rear of the workout facility.

The two “no” votes came from Commissioners Jim Bojo and Elaina Beeman.


The Rome Floyd Planning Commission has approved a rezoning request for a proposed hemp growing facility on Center Street at the Rome Athletic Club.

Property owner Charles Craton says that the front of the property would remain the RAC while the hemp growing facility would be stationed in the back of the property.

Craton added that the businesses would be run separately with his daughter, Calley, doing the hemp business.  He added that Calley has a degree in agriculture from Auburn University.

The location would only be used for growing and drying the hemp.  It would be processed and turned into CBD products at another location.

According to Charles Craton, COO, “We started Calley Kush in 2021 buying products from other growers. Starting in 2024, with the blessing of the Rome City Commission allowing us to rezone the property at 2 Center Street, our reasons for cultivating our own product line in Rome aligns with our passion for sustainable businesses. Hemp offers a wide range of versatile products, and we’re excited to contribute to the industry’s growth while promoting eco-friendly practices.”

Craton added, “We will initially start with four employees, and Calley Kush aims to create many more jobs over the coming years, fostering employment opportunities within the community and supporting local livelihoods.”

A release to CVN went on to say, “The economic benefits for Rome include job creation, increased local spending, and potential partnerships with other businesses who sell hemp based products made from CBD and Delta 8. Overall, as we carve out a new industry in Rome, Calley Kush seeks to be a positive force in enhancing Rome’s economic landscape.”

Rome City Commissioners will vote on the proposal December 18th to decide if the property will be changed from Community Commercial to Light Industrial.

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