Joshua Seal Trapp, 35 of Rome, was arrested this week after reports said he stalked and attacked his ex-girlfriend (whom he nearly killed several years ago) at a home on Burkhalter Road.

Reports said that Trapp kneed the victim in the face causing massive injuries to her nose.

Trapp is charged with battery, aggravated stalking and probation violation.

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Joshua Seals Trapp, 31 of Rome, was arrested this week after he allegedly violated a protection order and threatened the lives of numerous people.

Reports said that he went around individuals that he had been told by the courts to stay away from.  He then interfered with a 911 call when he physically hung up a telephone on someone who was attempting to call 911.

He then allegedly proceeded to tell the victim, “I will kill all of you, do you really think I am kidding”. 

Trapp is charged with aggravated stalking, simple battery, terroristic threats and acts and obstruction of a person making a 911 call.

PREVIOUS Sept 18 2019

A 31 year-old Rome man, Joshua Seals Trapp, was arrested for the second time in weeks after incidents with his 22 year-old girlfriend.  This time, reports said Trapp “intended to murder” her.

Reports said that Trapp shoved the woman to the ground, causing her to hit her head, which led to a severe brain bleed.

Reports added that Trapp then began to choke her to death before beginning to kick her while confining her to the home.

Trapp is charged with two counts aggravated assault, aggravated battery, battery, and false imprisonment.

PREVIOUS July 2019

 Rome couple, Joshua Seals Trapp, 31 of Rome, and Miranda Cheyenne Boatwright, were arrested at near the Rome Municipal Courthouse after allegedly fighting while they were both intoxicated.

Reports said that the fight was in public and was observed by others.

Both are charged with city drunkenness and disorderly conduct.