Peaches on Broad Street has had its beer, wine and liquor pouring license suspended for three months, as well as a $2,000 fine, following approval by the Rome City Commission on Monday night.


The fate of Peaches on Broad Street is again in the air after the Rome Alcohol Control Commission recommended a three-month suspension of the bar’s beer, wine, and liquor pouring license as well as a $2,000 fine.

The recommendation comes after the establishment again broke the rules when they served alcohol after the 2 a.m. deadline on October 22nd

Owner Stephanie Shaw is accused of allowing patrons to stay inside and drink after the allowed time.

The recommendation comes just months after having her liquor license suspended for violating the 50/50 food-to-drink ratio.

Shaw is quoted as telling the ACC that she was confused about the ordinance restrictions.  She also told the ACC that if the Rome City Commission approved the recommendation she would be forced to close for good. ACC Chair Billy Cooper told Shaw, “It’s hard for me to get behind a warning, given your track record.”

RNT contributed to this story.