Damien Jamal Harris, 30 of Jonesboro, was jailed in Rome after reports said he packaged and delivered 25.75 grams of meth, 106.8 grams of marijuana, and 3 pounds of tobacco to the mother of a Floyd County Prison inmate in an effort to sneak then inside the facility.

Harris was reportedly recorded over phone lines conspiring with others to receive funds in exchange for the contraband.

Harris then delivered the items to Levon Ward, the mother of James Hendrix, who then delivered the items to Hendrix’s work detail location so that he could smuggle them back in.

Officers were able to use recorded telephone conversation to learn the drop spot and were able to intercept the drugs shortly after being delivered.

Harris is charged with items prohibited by an inmate, use of a communication device in the commission of a felony, and two counts of conspiracy to violate Georgia controlled substance act.