On November 2nd, Sheriff’s ‘K9’ “Lollie”, an 8 year old female Labrador Retriever, retires from active duty in the Sheriff’s Office.

“Lollie” has served as a working Sheriff’s K9 since 2017. “Lollie” was cross-trained in both narcotics detection and tracking. She was responsible for scores of felony drug arrests and convictions, the seizure and destruction of hundreds of pounds of illegal drugs, tracking and locating felons, and many rescues of lost/missing persons.

In addition to being active in multiple aspects of law enforcement, “Lollie” was an “ambassador of goodwill” for the Sheriff’s Office in the community and especially in the County Schools System. “Lollie” was a favorite of children in all of the elementary schools where she made frequent appearances. She is an especially friendly dog, and she will be missed by the students as well as the Sheriff’s Office staff in her well earned retirement. Sheriff Mitch Ralston presented “Lollie” and her handler Sergeant Jarrod Powell a Distinguished Service Award today.

Upon her discharge from service, “Lollie” will live with her former ‘partner’, Sergeant Powell.