Yasmin Sheri Billingsley, 38 of Decatur, was booked into the Floyd County Jail after she was accused of attempting to sneak drugs and cell phones into the Floyd County Prison.

Authorities said that in September of this year, Billingsly was recorded having telephone conversations getting directions to drop off the contraband at a location on Turner Bend Road for it to be picked up and taken to the prison. 

The contraband, 83.83 grams of meth, 165.34 grams of marijuana, 182 MDMA tablets, two Nokia telephones, 173.33 grams of tobacco, and rechargeable batteries and a charger was recovered at the drop spot.  

Billingsley is charged with conspiracy to commit a felony, use of a communication facility in the commission of a felony involving a controlled substance, possession of marijuana, items prohibited by an inmate, trafficking drugs and possessing, selling or distributing ecstasy.