A Silver Creek man, Gerald Thomas Moore III, 31, who was arrested earlier in the week for car break-ins in facing new charges after it was discovered he broke into another car at Renovation Church on Redmond Court.

Reports said that Moore allegdly broke into a car on Ocotber 8th and stole an iPad.

Moore is charged with entering an automobile with the intent to commit a theft.


Gerald Thomas Moore III, 31 of Silver Creek, was arrested this week for breaking into cars at Matt Loyd’s Auto Service on John Davenport and then using stolen credit cards to make purchases around town.

Reports said that the incident occurred on October 6th.

Along with breaking into cars he is also accused of breaking into a tool box and stealing power tools

After breaking into the cars, he is accused of stealing a credit card and then using it to make nearly $300 in purchases at Walmart and Lowes.

Police said that Moore purchased a $75 gift card from Lowes and then $207.71 in purchases from the East Rome Walmart.

Moore is charged with theft by taking, entering an automobile with the intent to commit a theft, six counts financial transaction card fraud, criminal trespass, and prowling.