The City of Rockmart will receive $1,000,000 for renovations to the Rockmart Theatre. The project will result in greater visitor capacity, improvement to 10 local businesses open in the evening, and over 9,500 square feet of upgraded infrastructure. Funds will be used for renovations to preserve this important cultural asset and stimulate economic activity in the downtown area.

In 2022, the City of Rockmart made a long-term commitment to improving their central business district by creating the Rockmart Downtown Development Authority to address the downtown vacancy rate of 50 percent. A pivotal project in Rockmart’s downtown redevelopment strategy is to renovate the Rockmart Theatre and reestablish this cultural resource as a destination for area residents and tourism.

The city anticipates fifteen new performances in the first full year after renovations are completed.

The money is part of a $2.7 Million Federal Investment for Infrastructure Upgrades in North Georgia