Anne Christine Walzel, 46 of Rome, was arrested this week at her home on Maplewood Drive after reports said she caused a large disturbance in her neighborhood and then acted in an unbecoming manner with police.

Reports said that officers were dispatched to her home after months of childish behavior.  It stated that Walzel attempted to disturb her neighbors by purposely repeatedly setting off her car alarm throughout the day and night over a span of months.

When authorities were called out to the home Walzel became combative with officers and refused to speak to them.  Walzel attempted to run from police after they were going to issue her a noise violation.

However, Walzel’s actions resulted in police having to call for backup and forcibly place her under arrest.  Police stated that Walzel not only ran from officers but also refused to place her hands behind her back when captured.  

Walzel is charged with a noise violation and two counts of obstruction of police.