Deno Rene Labrada, 60 of Norcross, was jailed in Rome after allegedly cashing nearly $20,000 in fake checks.

Reports said that on September 18, 2014, Labrada cashed a counterfeit check for $8,475.15 at the Sun Trust Bank on Shorter Avenue.  He allegedly wrote the check from Sweetwater Brewing Company to a “Kevin Riley”.  Labrada then presented an ID of “Riley” and cashed the fraudulent check.

That same day, Labrada went to the SunTrust branch on East 2nd Avenue and cashed another fraudulent check from Sweetwater Brewing for $9,989.60.  This time, however, the check was made to “Thomas Palding”.   Labrada again presented a fake Id with “Palding’s” identity as his own.

Labrada is charged with two counts felony theft by deception and two counts 3rd degree forgery.