Effective immediately, Rome nonprofit organization Elevation House announces the promotion of Erin deMesquita to the position of Executive Director. DeMesquita began her career with Elevation House earlier this year in the role of Program Manager.

A graduate of Berry College, deMesquita brings nearly a decade of experience in communications, public relations and nonprofit work. Prior to her time at Elevation House, she held positions with Hospitality House for Women, V3 Publications and U Public Relations.  

“Erin is a proven leader with a true heart to serve our community.” said Elevation House Founder Don Scuvotti. “We are delighted to announce her promotion.” 

“It is a total privilege to be part of such a unique organization working to serve and empower those living with a mental health condition,” deMesquita said. “I am grateful for the opportunity to work with our members and our community partners to make a positive impact on the mental health of our Rome/Floyd family, and beyond.”

In concert with the promotion of deMesquita, Elevation House also announces their upcoming shift towards virtual programming. For the last four years, the organization has served as Rome/Floyd’s only mental health clubhouse, providing an intentionally organized environment where its members could engage in meaningful work, build relationships and receive assistance with community support services; all in an effort to end economic and social isolation for adults living with mental illness. 

The charity organization will shift towards offering virtual support to make access to their services easier for their members. In order to maximize their positive impact on mental health in the Rome/Floyd community, Elevation House chooses to meet their members exactly where they are.

“During COVID, our team adapted our clubhouse to the needs of our members by shifting to virtual programming,” Scuvotti said. “When we did this, one of the things we noticed immediately was very strong member-participation. Many of our members face transportation issues and time constraints which make it difficult for them to access our clubhouse in person. Over time, we have realized that the virtual model we utilized during COVID could actually give us an opportunity to serve more people in our community. We are pleased to announce our shift in emphasis towards virtual programming and we look forward to expanding our reach and support to those who need our services.”

Virtual programming is only one part of the organization’s offerings. In line with the mission of Elevation House, this shift in programming will in no way eliminate the opportunity to meet person-to-person for assistance with services involving employment, education and housing, as well as opportunities to engage in a robust social club. 

“The need in our community to support those living with mental illness is greater than ever,” said Elevation House Board President Lorrie Heiken. “We are excited about our move toward virtual programming but we also recognize there is still a need for meaningful in-person connection experiences for our members to break their social isolation. We will address this need by building a thoughtful social calendar for our members, enabling them to get together and build enduring, supportive friendships as part of their recovery journey”.

For more than four years, Elevation House has provided a unique approach to supporting, empowering and enriching the lives of adults living with serious mental illness. With new leadership and a fresh approach, Elevation House intends to further their mission, always diligent, always in the best interest of their members.

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