Harold Joseph Hunley Jr, 25 of Rome, was arrested this week after reports said he beat a police officer in the face while they were attempting to place him into custody during a traffic stop for running a light.

Reports said that during the altercation, Hunley was accused of hitting the officer in the face and knocking his glasses off while being placed in handcuffs.  The officer suffered a cut to his lip in the altercation.

He is also accused of attempting to run away and fighting two other officers once he was captured.

Police went on to say that Hunley, a convicted felon, was found with a 9m handgun in the vehicle that he was driving.

An opened bottle of tequila was also found in the vehicle.

The incident occurred near the intersection of North Broad Street and Turner McCall Blvd.

Hunley is charged with felony obstruction, simple battery against a police officer, possession a firearm by a convicted felon, interference with government property, open container, failure to obey traffic control device and three counts of probation violation.