Ronald Grady Dickson, 73 of Calhoun, was arrested this week after repeatedly slamming his Ford F150 truck into the back of three motorcycles before fleeing the scene.

Police said that Dickson was driving his truck at a high rate of speed down Highway 411 in Fairmount on Sunday afternoon when he struck the rear of three motorcycles who were riding together.

Authorities added that one of the motorcycles got stuck in the front of his truck before Dickson attempted to flee the scene with it and the driver struk on the front of his truck.

Witnesses were able to help police locate Dickson nearly 6 miles away.

One of the motorcyclists was killed and two other were injured in the accident.

Dickson is charged DUI, first-degree homicide by vehicle, three counts of felony hit and run, four counts of serious injury by vehicle, reckless driving, three counts of following too closely, and one count of failure to maintain lane.