Tracy Lamar Cammon, 51, and David Gene Kuykendall, 56, both of Cedartown of Cedartown, were arrested following an altercation where one man was stabbed in the head.

Cedartown police were dispatched to 706 Jones St in reference to a stabbing. 911 advised that the complainant had been stabbed in the head after he was woken up by another male.

Upon arrival officers found the complainant (David Kuykendall) in the front yard of 702 Jones St holding a towel against the side of his head stating that the male had gone back into the residence of 706 Jones St. At this time officers attempted to call the other male (Tracy Cammon) from the residence multiple times.

While doing so officers said that they could hear a TV inside the home but could not see anyone. David then advised that the male was inside his bedroom.  Officers asked David due to the circumstances if they could enter the residence he advised they could. Officers proceeded to attempt to turn the door handle and found that it was locked. Officers then proceeded to kick the door and it broke making a hole in the door.

Once the door was open officers proceeded into the home calling out to the subject inside. Immediately to the left officers found a bedroom and a male sitting on the bed rocking with blood on his head and clothes.  Officers then gave multiple verbal commands to stand up and exit the residence. The suspect advised that he was not going to do so.

At this time officers then went hands-on with the subject to detain him for his safety and others’ safety. Once the male was detained, he was walked out to a patrol car and transported to Polk Medical to be treated for his injuries.

Officers then cleared the rest of the residence. While doing this, officers did notice that there was a broken chair in the kitchen.  They also noticed that there was what appeared to be a picture lying on the floor from the altercation. When coming back through the residence police said that they noticed that there was a pan on the stove. The pan was filled with grease and the grease was on fire. The flame on the fire was over a foot tall and the pan had been pushed to the back of the stove causing it to be almost directly under a cabinet that was in the kitchen.

Subjects on the scene attempted to put the flame out. After securing the scene officers asked David to come inside and identify the knife that Tracy stabbed him with. He walked into the kitchen and pointed out a knife that officers had seen sitting on the counter. It was a stainless-steel butcher knife with blood on it.

At this time the evidence was collected. Once officers left the scene, they relocated to Polk Medical we spoke with both subjects again. When speaking with Tracy he stated that he went into David’s room and asked for a ride for his cousin back to Rome. He stated that is when David got aggressive towards him and they began to argue. He stated that during the verbal altercation David picked up a kitchen chair and hit him with it. When speaking with David he advised that Tracy came into his bedroom and that he asked him to use his car to go to Rome. He then told Tracy that his car did not have gas to get to Rome. He then advised that Tracy became irate and left. He then came back to the room kicking the door open and stating that no one was going to sleep. David stated that is when he was attempting to go to the kitchen to get some water. He stated that Tracy was then still arguing with him and then he picked up the knife stabbing him in the head. He stated that to defend himself he then picked up a chair from the kitchen and hit Tracy with it.

Once he hit Tracy, he left the residence going to 702 Jones St seeking help for his injuries and calling 911.

Both subjects were then placed under arrest due to their conflicting stories. They were both treated for their injuries at Polk Medical and then transported to Polk SO where they were turned over to jailers for booking on their charges.

Cammon is charged with aggravated assault, obstruction, criminal attempt to commit a felony and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime.

Keykendall is charged with aggravated assault.