Students at the CSLC rowed hard and fast to WIN the AHHAS’s Rolater Regatta.  “What a wonderful way to build teamwork and encourage creativity with our students,” says Tracy Hellreigel, the learning center’s new Marketing Director and Co-Director. The Cave Spring Learning Center was the only contestant but the kids worked hard and cheered for the rowing team of Finley Smith and Nate Simpson. “It was so much fun,” says Finley Smith, one of the Cave Spring Learning Center rowers. 

The CSLC is a small learning center, offering school choice for families in Cave Spring and the surrounding areas. Students receive accredited instruction in a virtual environment with in-person support from CSLC Learning Coaches. The long-term goal of the CSCC is to establish a state-funded charter school in the area.

AHHAS, Inc (Alton Holman Heritage Arts, Inc) was established in 2000 to provide art programs for children to supplement existing school curriculums. Their focus is primarily to share heritage arts with children so future generations can experience crafting forms from years past. This is the first Regatta since the COVID Pandemic and their 5th. The Berry Viking Rowing Club has been available every year to manage the race and inspect the boats. “It is a fun fundraiser and an excellent way to encourage kids to think about engineering along with the art of building the craft,” says Winnie Morrow, President of AHHAS, Inc. 

The Cardboard Boat Regatta was started in 1974 and is now an international event. This event is a popular construction competition as well as the speed of the rowers. It is a wonderful event for all ages and AHHAS, Inc hopes there will be many boats in the 2024 competition, which is open for all ages.