Bordeau Metals has filed a $28 million lawsuit against Floyd County following the termination of their contract for decommissioning Plant Hammond.

The suit filed late last week claims that representatives of Floyd County, specially County Manger Jamie McCord, pressured Georgia Power into cancelling the contract.  

The company said that they lost close to $20 million from the processing and resale of scrap metal from the plant.  They also spent $6 million on equipment for the project.

Bordeau added that an estimated $1,500,000 was spent to prepare the south Floyd County property for the job.  That included clearing, grading, installation of office and other equipment.

“(The) defendants interfered with (Bordeau’s) contractual relationship with Brandenburg by taking wrongful actions or omissions which culminated in the termination of Bordeau’s Brandenburg contract,” the lawsuit states.

After the contract was cancelled Bordeau moved on to recycling scrap from anyone.

However, the property purchase came with a deed restriction that Bordeau was ONLY allowed to process metals taken from Plant Hammond.  The plan was for Bordeau to cease operations once Plant Hammond was completely decommissioned and then sell the property to another industry.

Bordeau Metals, however, has had other plans for their operations.  Last week they held a ribbon cutting with free giveaways for their operations that opens recycling up for anyone.  Residents of The Trail, located behind the scrap yard, reported loud noises from sun-up to sun-down six days a week.  Bordeau has said that the company is within its rights to conduct business and are within their zone restrictions.