The Rome Area Heritage Foundation is proud to announce that it has awarded a $3,000 grant towards the ongoing restoration efforts of the iconic 1932 paddlewheel vessel, “Myra H.” As custodians of the rich heritage of North West Georgia, the Foundation recognizes the significance of preserving this historic vessel and its legacy for future generations.

The Myra H stands as a testament to the history and culture of the region, being the only surviving paddlewheel vessel that once graced the rivers of North West Georgia. Constructed over 90 years ago in 1932, the Myra H has journeyed through time and waterways, carrying
stories of bygone eras and connecting people to their past.

The remaining essential components of the restoration involve the installation of a sturdy gate and guard rail. These elements are not only essential for safeguarding the Myra H but also for ensuring the safety of the visitors who will step aboard to experience its living history. The
$3,000 grant provided by the Rome Area Heritage Foundation will directly contribute to meeting these requirements, solidifying the vessel’s protection and enhancing the overall visitor experience.

The restoration efforts have already witnessed the dedication of over 1,000 man-hours from volunteers who share a deep passion for history and culture. The collective commitment of the community, coupled with the support from both Rome City and Floyd County, reflects the importance of preserving the Myra H and its role in our area’s history.

Any organization in Floyd County seeking to preserve history is invited to apply for funding from RAHF for eligible programs and projects that include but are not limited to: signage; interior/exterior restoration; cemetery restoration; research to document the history of a building
or artifact; a master plan for restoration; scholarships to a qualifying area student to study preservation; and a variety of other activities and programs that support historic preservation.

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