The Rome Area Heritage Foundation is proud to announce the award of a $1,500 grant to the William S. Davies Shelters for their Ruth & Naomi House restoration project. The grant aims to support the organization’s efforts to provide comprehensive assistance and transitional housing for individuals experiencing homelessness in the community.

The Ruth & Naomi House, located on North Broad Street and a transitional shelter for women and women with children, has been a beacon of hope since its opening in spring 2019. The historic facility accommodates eight single women and four women with children, includes on-site staff housing, a children’s library and play area, and administrative offices for the shelter’s staff.

The exterior of the Ruth & Naomi House is in need of repainting to protect windows, doors, columns, and trim from moisture but also impacts the overall aesthetic of the North Broad corridor, an entry point to the city of Rome.

The $1,500 grant will be used to acquire essential supplies and paint necessary for the restoration project. The Foundation firmly believes that this endeavor will not only enhance the visual appeal and structural integrity of the historic home, but also contribute to the well-being of the shelter residents.

The William S. Davies Shelters is committed to more than just providing temporary shelter; they believe in empowering their guests with the necessary tools and skills to overcome homelessness permanently. Their person-centered approach focuses on addressing the root causes that led to an individual’s situation, guiding them towards growth and positive change.

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