Accusations of lying and perjury have been brought against Rome Mayor Sundai Stevenson.

Members of the Floyd County Republican Party released a video this week stating that Stevenson held a notary license in Gordon County while serving as a Rome City Commissioner.

To serve as a notary for another county you must 1: be a resident of said county or 2: live in a neighboring state that touches that county.

The video with former staffer for 14th District Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene, Justin Kelley, and current Floyd County GOP President Jamie Palmer said that Stevenson signed legal documents swearing that she was a resident of Gordon County from 2013 until 2018, all while being a Rome City Commissioner.

According to the Floyd County GOP Chair Jamie Palmer, the result of her actiosn could only mean one of two things; either Stevenson lied about her address in order to become a notary or she lives in Gordon County, which would prevent her from serving on the Rome City Commission.

Kelly has gone on to publicly demand Stevenson give her resignation.

CVN has since spoken to Stevenson and she said that she got her notary in the 1980s and it was an “oversight” not to change it to Floyd County.

When asked about the Calhoun address she most recently put on the notary application she said, “It is my mother’s home and my business address.”