Rome Police arrested four protestors of the Gay Pride Parade near Broad Street on Saturday. Melissa Renee Smith, 37 of Lindale, Angela Antonella Rubino, 41 of Rome, Bradley Steven Barnes, 39 of Rome, and William David Smith, 37 of Lindale,  were taken into custody after police said they did not have a permit to hold a protest.

Officers said that they “unlawfully assembled” due to the fact they did not get a permit to hold a protest.

Police added that they gave the individuals “time to dispense” but did not do so in adequate time.

Smith was also allegedly found with a Glock handgun during the assembly.

All four were charged with violation of an assembly permit.

Smith is additionally charged with prohibited conduct during assemblies.

There was no arrest made at the Rome Pride gathering following the parade down Broad Street.  However,  several transgender women were seen not wearing shirts with exposed breasts around numerous small children.

Several of the Rome Pride marchers were also seen using vulgar language and hand gestures while performing sexual acts around the protestors and children.

Bradley Barnes sent the following statement to CVN, “”We followed the law and Officer DeHart of Rome PD broke the law – including the constitution he swore to protect and uphold. We can’t have criminals with badges victimizing the citizens they are meant to serve – the past few years have show that the public across the political spectrum has no toleration for official misconduct by police. Rome PD’s officers being on the Transqueer Pride for Kids payroll for security then suppresing the rights of the critics of said organization adds an extra layer of conflict of interest on top of the blatant law breaking by Officer DeHart. We will fight this and we will win.”