Jerry Springer, longtime talk show host and former mayor of Cincinnati, has died at the age of 79.

Springer passed away Thursday at his home in the suburbs of Chicago just months after diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

 Springer is a cultural icon following his 27 years as host of “The Jerry Springer Show”.

The Jerry Springer show went from 1991-2018 and featured some of the most memorable moments ever for TV.  The show began as a political talk show, but quickly changed after failing ratings. The show then became “must watch” for its themes such as family sexual secrets, drug use, prostitution and midget wrestling.

At one point, Springer’s show beat the “Oprah Winfrey Show”.

The show became so outlandish that it spun off its “too hot for TV” DVD’s and VHS tapes.

Most recently, Springer had presided over the show “Judge Jerry” for three seasons (2019-2022).

“Jerry’s ability to connect with people was at the heart of his success in everything he tried whether that was politics, broadcasting or just joking with people on the street who wanted a photo or a word,” said Jene Galvin, a lifelong friend and spokesman for the family, in a statement.

“He’s irreplaceable and his loss hurts immensely, but memories of his intellect, heart and humor will live on.”

As Jerry always said, “Take care of yourself, and each other.’”