Ascend Education announced recently that Mr. Austin Goggans at Armuchee Elementary School will receive a 2023 Gold Medal!

The Gold Medal Award was established in 2010 to honor the schools or districts that best demonstrate a dedication to ensuring that all students become successful at math. The strategies employed by this year’s Gold Medal honorees made use of Ascend Math, an online individualized math instructional resource, to address unfinished learning, accelerate math learning and outpace growth targets. 

In his submission for Armuchee Elementary School Austin Goggans wrote, “My students enjoy getting on Ascend! Ascend allows us to offer each student instruction on the level they are currently at while also offering students the chance to advance beyond their deficiencies.” 

“Congratulations to Armuchee Elementary School students for the perseverance and hard work that led to their exceptional results,” said Kevin Briley, CEO of Ascend Education. “We are extremely proud of the important job the educators at Armuchee Elementary School are doing to help their students succeed in math, gain confidence, and positively advance in life.” “This year we have heard countless ways in which schools have addressed unfinished learning using Ascend Math. These educators reported grade level growth, improved test scores, and many other positive touch points and outcomes. We are so thankful for our Gold Medal schools, what they are doing to support their students and the ways they have shared their models to help other educators accelerate math learning.” 

Armuchee Elementary School will be featured on the Ascend Math website throughout the next year and receive a plaque commemorating their success. The complete honor roll can be viewed at 

About Ascend Math® 

Ascend Math is personalized online math instruction that provides each student with a unique study path through skill gaps at each level. Individual study plans are prescriptive, adaptive, and automatically assigned. In addition, Ascend Math provides all the interactive instruction each student needs. Students using Ascend fill skill gaps quickly and often improve one to two grade levels the first few months. Real time data makes progress monitoring easy and gives teachers a quick snapshot on what needs to happen next.

Ascend Math is written to rigorous state standards. Instruction is delivered in a logical math sequence and students can progress at their own pace and track their own progress and success. Ascend Math® is currently used by hundreds of schools and districts serving more than one hundred thousand students throughout the U.S. and Canada. Visit