State Representative Trey Kelley (R-Cedartown) today announced that $575,000 is included in the House’s version of the Fiscal Year 2024 (FY 2024) budget for renovations to the Cedartown Public Library. Yesterday, the Georgia House of Representatives passed House Bill 19, or the FY 2024 budget, and this legislation has now been sent to the Senate for its consideration.

“I want to thank my House colleagues, especially our Republican leadership, for recognizing the crucial need to help renovate the Cedartown Public Library,” said Rep. Kelley. “Georgia’s rural libraries act as a gateway to knowledge, imagination and opportunity for bright young learners. Libraries are also a lifeline for many people in our community who don’t have access to internet for necessary activities, such as applying to jobs and paying bills online. These funds would help modernize and enhance this critical resource in our community.”

If this version of the budget is signed into law, funding for the renovations would be provided through 20-year bonds starting July 1, 2023.

The Cedartown Public Library is part of the Sara Hightower Regional Library System (SHRLS), which consists of six public libraries in the Northwest Georgia region. The Cedartown Public Library’s mission is to provide information, stimulate thinking and support and enhance educational, informational, recreational and cultural pursuits.

More information about the House’s version of the FY 2024 budget, including highlights, can be found on the House Budget and Research Office’s website here.