Terry Sherar Carton, 51 of Birmingham, Alabama, was jailed in Rome after reports said he and several others conspired to acquire and distribute 32 grams of meth and 257 grams of marijuana into the Floyd County Prison.

Reports said that security videos showed the driver of a white sedan, identified as Anne Loshe, placing a bag into a garbage can in front of the Rome Floyd Recycling Center on Lavender Drive.

The bag was then retrieved by an officer.  A search of the bag led them to find the meth and marijuana inside 

Offenders Isaac Ross and Terry Carton was then observed motioning to Loshe and pointing in the direction where she placed the bag.  Offenders Jamieson Lawrence and Anthony McCoy had allegedly arranged the contraband drop with Loshe using a telephone.  

Carton is charged with conspiracy to violate Georgia controlled substance act, possession of a schedule controlled substance with intent to distribute, possession of meth with intent to distribute, possession of marijuana within 1000 feet of a school and items prohibited by an inmate.