A Rome man jailed for conspiring to sell drugs, Patrick Rodricas Smith, 41, has been charged with additional crimes, including numerous burglaries.

Reports said that Smith allegedly broke into a location January 12th and stole three laptop computers, 24 cartons of cigaretts, vapes and various electronic accessories.  The value of the computers was listed at $4,470.06 and the cigarettes at $1,848.  The vapes and accessories were listed at $468.00

He is also charged with burglarizing the Maple Quickstop on December 19th. Reports said that Smith tossed a concreate block through a window and entered the store, where he stole a tower of lottery tickets.

Then on December 18th, Smith is accused of burglarizing West Central Elementary School Lavender Drive. He is again accused of throwing a brick through a window to gain entry.  He is accused of stealing documents while inside.

Police added that Smith was identified by using video surveillance and the fact that he wore the same G.O.A.T coat in each burglary.

Smith is charged with three counts second degree burglary, two counts criminal trespass, six counts unlaw influence of prizes and tampering with equipment and materials,  probation violation and parole violation.  


Patrick Rodricas Smith, 41 of Rome, was arrested this week after reports said he conspired with another person to sell methamphetamine.

Police said that Smith conspired with Jamar Finley to sell methamphetamine and schedule II narcotics back in November of last year.

Smith is charged with possession of methamphetamine, possession of a schedule II controlled substance, possession of marijuana, use of a communication device in commission of a felony involving a controlled substance, conspiracy to commit a felony, failure to appear, parole violation and two counts probation violation.