A Rome man convicted of murder back in 2016, Kyle Anthony Strother, was killed last month while being housed at Ware State Prison in South Georiga.

According to the Human and Civil Rights Coalition of Georgia Strother was killed June 5th at Ware State Prison.

The HCRC said, “He just walked up to me and said what up unk and gave me a brotherly hug then I went back to gambling, and he walked out then 20 mins later they say droopy just been stabbed bad that’s what I run in to its sad 😔.”

This is the 4th death at Ware State Prison this year.


Rome murder suspect Kyle Anthony Strother has been arrested. Reports said that Strother was arrested in Fulton County and extradited back to Floyd County Thursday evening.  Strother is accused of shooting and killing Cristobal Becerras-Conteras back on December 22nd outside an apartment in west Rome.

Storther is charged with murder and armed robbery.


Marcus Antwon Townsend, 26 of Rome, has been arrested in connection with a December murder on Wood Creek Way. Reports said that Townsend was charged with making false statements and writings to investigators about the December 22nd murder of Cristobal Becerras-Conteras.

Marcus Antwon Townsend

Marcus Antwon Townsend

Townsend was arrested on February 19th on two probation warrants, but has since seen the false statement charge added.

Becerras-Contreras’s body was found in the backyard of Townsend’s home at 9B Wood Creek Way.

Reports said that Townsend allegedly received a text from the murder suspect, Kyle Anthony Strother , on December 22, which said “don’t go near ya spot fa a day or 2…tell auntie 2 tellem u bheen gone…stay away…dis ya brother huntin at ya.”

Reports went on to say that after the text was sent Strother called Townsend and they spoke for over a minute and a half.

The phone call was followed for yet another text that read, “Bhro u kant go 2 da house bhrodie…u kame home 2 a strange kar n a manlayin in ya yard.”

Townsend had told police that he did not know anything about the murder.

Police are still searching for Strother.

Kelesha Corron Dorsey, Delaney Scott Ray

Kelesha Corron Dorsey, Delaney Scott Ray

Two women, Delaney Scott Ray, 21 and Kelesha Corron Dorsey, were also arrested in the case. Both are charged with being a party to the murder and armed robbery.