Achieving success on the course, court or field of play is why sports have become ingrained in American culture. However, for high school students across the country, competing for points has become a ticket to a bright future by way of education. That success is long lasting, and seven Rome High School students are now primed to achieve great things not only in their chosen sports, but in college classrooms.

Rome High School welcomed family and friends of seven high school athletes who signed to lend their talents to colleges. In return, they will receive scholarships that will help to pay for their education. As their coaches gave testimony to their contributions to the teams’, these athletes are also contributing to the family budget. Any form of help with the cost of going to college is clutch, and these young men and women have shown that they take training in their studies as serious as a great day in the gym.

These outstanding Rome High School student athletes include:

Ashley Marin              Girls Soccer                Shorter

Kaelyn Fletcher           Cheer                           Jacksonville State

Isaac Vardy                 Boys Soccer                Berry College

Gonzalo Lemus           Boys Soccer                Shorter

Ivan Vasquez              Boys Soccer                Rock Valley College

Allison Loveman        Girls Basketball          Toccoa Falls

EJ Holland                  Boys Basketball          Kennesaw State

“This day is all about our ultimate goal,” said Chris Boden, athletic director for Rome High School. “We want to see all our kids do well academically. We want them to behave in the classroom and on and off the floor or field. We want to see them grow into positive representatives of their community. As a person who loves athletics – yes – we love when they have the chance to participate in sports at the next level. It is very special for them and for their families.”

Boden went on to say that only a small percentage of high school athletes meet the requirements to play for colleges around the country and to be offered scholarships to help pay for their classes. “This is a really big deal,” he said.

Boden also had some words of wisdom for the young man or woman who is looking at these seven students and asking themselves how to get to the signing table.

“Keep working hard,” Boden said with the passion of a coach in the waning minutes of the game. “Do good in school and have fun. Enjoy the process. Enjoy the ride. It is amazing how soon coaches and parents are starting to take preparing for the next level seriously. It sure makes me smile and does my heart good to see these kids achieve their goals. We watch them perform and to have this opportunity is awesome.”