Chattooga County School Supt. Jared Hosmer said that the 2nd grade teacher at Lyerly School, Jeremey Bowman, 44, whow as arrested on child sex crimes recently had previous behavior complaints brought against him.

Hosmer said that Bowman’s arrest was not connected to the child sex crime investigation.

According to Hosmer, In late October Lyerly Principal Mike Shank received several complaints from parents concerning Bowman’s disciplinary interaction with students. The Chattooga County Sheriff’s Department was called to investigate. The CCSO took no actions.

Following his child sex crime arrest Bowman tendered his resignation to the Chattooga County Board of Education on Sunday.  The board voted to accept his resignation at the meeting held on Monday afternoon.


Floyd County Police have been conducting a child sex sting over the past week, which resulted in the arrest of numerous others late this week, one of which was Jeremy Alan Bowman, 44 of Summerville, a second grade teacher for Chattooga County Schools.

According to reports, Bowman engaged in graphic written conversations describing sex acts to a male he thought to be under the age of 16 years.

Police added that a location was arranged to where Bowman was to meet the child and engage in sodomy. He was taken into custody at that location.

Bowman is charged with sexual exploitation of a child, obscene internet contact with a child and criminal attempt to commit a felony.