I have two favorite personal finance radio personalities, Dave Ramsey and Clark Howard. Dave will tell you how to get out of debt and Clark will tell how to save a buck.

I was listening to Clark the other day when a caller called in about looking for a credit union. He was tired of the crazy fees that his bank was charging.  He heard Clark talking about how different credit unions are than banks and he wondered how to find a credit union that would work for him. Clark was more than happy to help.

Did I mention that Clark and Dave STRONGLY recommend credit unions to their listeners?

Oh, well then, I’ll tell you now. Clark and Dave STRONGLY recommend credit unions to their listeners. They are big fans of the credit union world because we are not-for-profit and NOT owned by stockholders.

Clark even mentioned that in the coming years the ‘giant monster mega banks’ (that’s his affectionate term for them) will have to find more and more ways to charge fees to their customers to make more and more money.

Credit unions have lower loan rates and fewer fees because we don’t have stockholders to please.  It’s just that simple.

So, I’m glad I got to hear that caller on the Clark Howard Show. It reminded me that my money is safe in a place that isn’t trying to nickel and dime me to please their stockholders.

If you know of anyone that is tired of their bank, tell them about Coosa Valley Credit Union. And if they live far away, tell them to check out www.findacreditunion.com.