We all want our kids to learn real-life skills… Especially those like money management and personal finance! Lecturing, of course, will only get you so far. You need a fun, interactive and entertaining way for the information to stick….

Keep reading for different ways to get your kiddos excited about money, no matter their age!

Preschool Age

At this age, your child’s skill level is limited to sorting coins, learning their values, and basic concepts like counting. Sharpen these skills with counting and recognition games! This will help them to recall coins by their design, and which coins hold certain values. 

Elementary School Age

During this time, your kids are capable of basic addition, subtraction, and multiplication. So, add in some cash! Use real money to visually show them how easy it can be to make – and lose – money through games such as supermarket sweep. If they have $20, how much can they spend? This also introduces the ever important concept of budgeting. 

High School Age 

By now, your children are probably professionals at navigating technology… maybe a little too good. So, how do you grab their attention and introduce these important topics? There’s apps for that! Apps like Student Stock Trader incorporate lessons from economics to social capital, and even stock exchange terminology. Who knows, you might have a young entrepreneur on your hands. 

Whether your kids are learning to sort coins or start a business, you can be there to help cheer them on. Enjoy the “ah-ha” moments together!